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Sunday Thoughts on Living with Migraine: Time for Ourselves

HappySundayBlossomsHappy Sunday to my extended Migraine and Headache family, and happy Mother's Day to all the Moms!

Mother's Day brings to mind something that's important for all of us, whether we're mothers or not — Being sure to take time for ourselves. Regardless of everything else in our lives, we need time for ourselves to maintain our overall health, including our emotional and mental health. That's an undisputed fact that's become too often overlooked as our society has evolved and people become busier and busier.

As the internet and technology evolved, live has changed dramatically:

  • We used to wait for the newspaper or the noon and/or evening news broadcasts to catch up with the news.
  • We wrote letters or made phone calls to catch up with family members and friends.
  • We sat down once a month with our bank statements and bills to take care of financial matters.

No longer. The evolution occurred quickly: personal computers (desktop) ---> laptop computers ---> smart phones --->tablets. As each of these technologies were developed, news, communication, financial management, and more became more and more easily accessible. Mobile apps were developed for them with each app wanting to send us alerts and notices. Social media outlets, our banks, airlines, credit card companies all want to send us alerts for just about everything. My phone got to the point where I finally turned off the sounds for the alerts because there were so many of them coming so frequently that the phone was constantly dinging, beeping, chiming, or making some noise — even at night.

When I look at the statistics about how people access what I write, it's amazing. Here's last week's breakdown:

  • 59.54% mobile
  • 30.54% desktop
  • 9,92% tablet

All of this eats into the quiet time we might previously have had for ourselves. Have a family? A job? Volunteer activities? All of those can feed into the feeling that it's selfish to want time for ourselves. It's not selfish. It's necessary. If we're going to be and do our best for our family, jobs, and volunteer activities, we need time for ourselves to recharge so we can be at our best for everyone and everything in our lives.

BinxOfficeChair170503I've found that the best way to make sure I have some time for myself every day is to take time first thing in the morning. I fix my coffee and take it to my office. Once there, I take 30 minutes for prayer and meditation before starting my day. That helps me be more focused for the day and to get more accomplished. Lately, I've been taking some time most afternoons too because Binx, our new cat, is young, playful, and demanding of attention. Taking some time every afternoon to curl up and cuddle him has made for a good transition between my working hours and our evenings.

Whether you're a Mom or not, I hope you'll give some thought to how good it can be for us and everyone in our lives for us to have time for ourselves.

To all the Moms with and without Migraine...


Live well,

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