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Sunday Thoughts on Living with Migraine: Time to Play

Sunday-Thoughts-VioletsGood morning to my extended Migraine and Headache family. I hope last week was as kind to you as possible.

Last week, I learned a valuable lesson from Binx, the cat who owns us. Binx is a young cat, just a year old, so there's still a lot of kitten in him and his behavior.

I believe very firmly that bringing a pet into our home carries the responsibility to do everything possible to see to it that he's healthy and happy. Binx seems to firmly believe that it's his responsibility to follow me everywhere I go when I'm home. It appears that I've become a piece of cat furniture and one of his favorite toys.

Binx500bA few days ago, I went upstairs from my office to get a glass of tea. Binx followed me and was running in circles around me. When I walked down the hall to our bedroom, he ran ahead of me and jumped up on our bed, where be began attacking imaginary things under the blankets. 

Obviously, Binx was in the mood to play. I sat down on the bed, put my hand under the blanket, and let him stalk and pounce on it for a while. Then, he bopped me on the nose with his paw and tore off running down the hall. I did what I was supposed to do at that point, and followed him. As I walked out of the hall and into the dining room, a black flash came out of hiding and wrapped all four paws around my ankle.

After playing with Binx for a good half hour, I went back to my desk. I'd been having trouble with an article I was writing, but suddenly, the rest of it came easily. 

What hit me is that I've been so busy lately that I've not only been neglecting Binx, I've been neglecting myself too. We all need "play time," time away from work and the concerns of daily life. So, that's the lesson Binx taught me, and it's amazing how much it's helped me. 

Do YOU take time to play and relax? Remember that when we're stressed or not taking care of ourselves, we're more susceptible to our Migraine triggers. Take a bit of time to play, and have a great day!

Live well,

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