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New Migraine Education and Support Site Coming May 1

Post_image250Over the years, I've worked on several sites and blogs about Migraine disease, among them, Mostly due to lack of time, has never been as good as it could be. Well! That's changing!

On May 1st, 2018, an all new will be launched. I've teamed up with Migraine and headache patient educator and advocate Tammy Rome and her husband Brian to build the ultimate site for education, support, and advocacy/awareness. Here are some things to know about our new site:

  • All of the content on the site will be original content, not content copied from other sites and writers.
  • Every piece of content is reviewed by a UCNS certified Migraine and headache specialist for accuracy.
  • Our experienced patient educators have a total of 300+ continuing education hours in "headache medicine."
  • We have a medical advisory board consisting of practicing physicians and psychologists who specialize in treating patients with Migraine and other headache disorders.
  • We're Migraine and headache patients too. We know what it's like to live with these diseases/disorders.

For 18 years, I've written Migraine and headache content for and the HealthCentral Network. Don't get me wrong — they've been good years, and I continue to write part-time for HealthCentral. But, it's also a dream come true to write for a site where my partners and I will set the editorial direction for the site and make our own decisions about editorial and other issues. 

I've had Migraines since I was six-years-old. Have gone back and forth between episodic and chronic Migraine, with times during which I had a Migraine every day. Tammy has both chronic Migraine and Cluster Headaches. We both feel incredibly fortunate to be able to attend the same continuing education conferences that Migraine and headache specialists attend, to have built a network of colleagues we can call upon for information and explanations, AND to be able to write content that allows other patients to better understand their Migraines and/or headaches and be better prepared to work as treatment partners with your doctors. We'll also be continuing to develop ways to offer you the support you need to retain hope and live better. Finally, will always provide you with awareness and advocacy information so you can participate in those efforts — in simple, quick ways and in more in-depth ways, depending on your circumstances and wishes.

We're working hard to be ready to launch our new site on May 1st. For now, please visit, and sign up for email updates and announcements.

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