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Living with Migraine: Sometimes, We Need to STEP

Living-with-migraineWith the growth of the Internet, social media outlets such as Facebook have become a primary source of support for many people with Migraine disease, especially those of us with Chronic Migraine. There are countless Migraine support groups on Facebook. Thus has been great for so many of us because attending support group meetings in real life often doesn't work well. We're either too ill with a Migraine to attend, or - if we're feeling well - decide we have other things that need to be done while we feel up to doing them.

There are days, however, when I simply shouldn't post on social media, or at the very least, should do so very carefully. Those are days when I'm tired or don't feel well, and I'm... well, to put it politely, cranky. On those days, I'm overly emotional, and I tend to take things too personally. That means I could end up saying the wrong thing to someone, or say the right thing, but say it poorly. Can you relate?

From what I've been observing in some of the Migraine groups on Facebook, I'm not the only person with Migraine who has this problem. Unfortunately, when one person comments on a post in a not very friendly way, things tend to escalate. Then, moderators have to get involved, comments get deleted, and matters can get heated. It's uncomfortable for all involved when this occurs. 

I've adopted a habit for social media on days when I'm cranky, and I've put a big note on the bulletin board next to my desk to remind myself. I call it my STEP method. When I'm having a cranky day, and I'm posting to social media, before I hit the button to publish my comment, I:



Edit the comment, if necessary, then

Publish the comment.

Nobody has a good day every day. We all have our "cranky" days, even though we all want to be kind and supportive of others dealing with Migraine disease. If you find yourself in a similar situation on social media, maybe you'll try STEPping with me?

For an interesting look at the issue of taking things personally, please see Migraine Agreement #2: Don’t Take Migraine Messages Personally.

Live well,

 because a migraine is NOT "just a headache"



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