Migraine Favorite Things - Aromatherapy Smelling Salts

TERI-Determine-PurposeIf you're like me, you'll use anything you can to deal with Migraines, and you have your "favorite things" for doing so. 

One of my favorite things is a little vial of aromatherapy smelling salts that I keep with me when I'm out. It serves to purposes for me:

  1. It helps with nausea during a Migraine attack.
  2. Using it quickly has helped me avoid Migraine attacks from perfumes and other odors.

Let me share with you two examples of the second purpose...

While attending a conference, I got on an elevator one morning, and quickly found myself surrounded by high school cheerleaders who were attending another conference. What do teenage girls love? Perfume! Just as I was being assaulted by several fragrances that the girls were wearing, I whipped out my smelling salts, put the vial directly under my nose, and kept it there until I was off the elevator and clear of the miasma of fragrances. I stepped out side for a bit of fresh air, then went back inside and got on with my day - without a Migraine. Yay!

One day, I was stuck in very slowly moving traffic due to road construction. Much to my chagrin, I ended up behind a large truck that was spewing dark, noxious exhaust - another of my Migraine triggers. Once again, I grabbed my smelling salts and kept the vial directly under my nose until traffic moved, and I was able to get around that truck. I was really annoyed at the prospect of getting a Migraine because of the truck exhaust as I still had several hours to drive that day, and I won't drive with a Migraine. Fortunately, I didn't get a Migraine. Again - Yay!

I keep a few aromatherapy supplies around and make my own smelling salts. In fact, I make more than one type and keep them around. Peppermint helps nausea. Lemongrass or red mandarin help with the feelings of depression and anxiety that can occur during a Migraine attack. Eucalyptus helps when a Migraine causes nasal congestion. If you'd like to see, step-by-step, how you can make your own aromatherapy smelling salts, take a look at How to Make Migraine Aromatherapy Smelling Salts.


What are some of your Migraine favorite things? Please leave a comment below, and share them with everyone.


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